Update on February 19, 2022 at 5 p.m

1. Skating: Trail on the ice water maze

Status: BAD – CLOSED for an indefinite period due to machine breakdown.

Number of km open: 0 km

2. Skate: Path on the labyrinth on foot

Status: CLOSED

Number of km open: 0 km

3. Walking/snowshoeing trail

Status: GOOD

Number of km open: 5 km

Sentiers glacés

Please note that the ice is natural and have some flaws. We maintain the ice with an ice resurfacer, a rotary broom and a blower.

Live a unique experience in the heart of nature just 30 minutes from Ottawa-Gatineau, near the picturesque village of Wakefield.

Discover the habitat of the beaver while traversing a water maze made up of 64 intersections spread over 6 km.

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Enjoy a unique family experience!

Both adults and children will find what they are looking for, either to measure their knowledge and their sense of observation or simply to relax at their ease while contemplating nature.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Because, it will not be possible to rent skates on site.

No. Domestic animals are not allowed on site to protect the wildlife and the environment.

Yes, we offer pizza, chilli and hot dogs, as well as treats in our snack bar and hot drinks. We also have a souvenir shop with our new promotional merchandise.


Famille en pédalo chez Eco-Odyssée

Water maze

Several adventures are offered, whether for a walk, a search for clues or a competitive activity, we have something for you.

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Aventure a pied chez Eco-Odyssée

Walking labyrinth

This one has no walls but is separated by water channels. Activity for all.

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Ice skating

Up to 5 km of trails will be laid out for a magical forest skating experience! Skating on the water maze depends on the temperature.


Walking path

An adventure is offered to you in this 1.5km trail. Bring your mosquito repellent because you are in the forest. Activity for all.

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Bows & Arrows (Back in May 2022)

Looking for a new game to play with your friends?

Bows and Arrows is a game of agility and reflexes in nature! A great activity to do in a group, whether with friends or with other unknown participants, you are likely to have a blast! Come try and discover this new recreational experience that is currently charming North America!

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Arc et flèche

See by yourself!


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