An outdoors action game!

Bows and Arrows is a game of agility and reflexes in nature! A great activity to do in a group, whether with friends or with other unknown participants, you will have a blast! Come try and discover this new recreational experience that is currently charming North America!

Imagine a mix between dodge ball, paintball and archery… This is what awaits you with Bows and Arrows! Two teams will compete against each other, shooting arrows at the other participants and aiming at targets. To your bows!

Important information 

  • 4 players minimum
  • You must be at least 135 cm (4 and a half feet) to be able to play
  • 12 years old or older
  • Bring plenty of water and sports clothing ; it gets hot!
  • Eyeglasses: Most eyeglasses cannot be worn with the safety masks. You will have to remove them to play. Please wear contact lenses if you have them.
Arc et flèche


Lone Wolf – 1 person : $15.00 Unavailable 
The small horde – 4 people : $65.00 Unavailable 
The horde – 8 people : $100.00
The horde – 10 people : $115.00 
The horde – 12 people : $135.00
The horde – 14 people : $165.00 
The Gust – 16 people : $180.00 
Private Game – min. of 4 people : $222.00 Unavailable 

Saturdays and Sundays only

*Note: Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance. To see additional information on our cancellation policy and more, please click here.

Be ready for …