The Walking Maze

The walking labyrinth has no walls, but it is separated by small water channels and vegetation. No reservation is necessary and the activity is free if you have booked another activity at the Éco-Odyssée Nature Park. If you arrive early for your reservation or are looking for an activity to do after your reservation, a walk through the labyrinth is the ideal activity. Exploring the maze can take anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes. 

Available all year!



Predator or Prey

Eco-Odyssee has introduced a new activity to the walking maze. The activity is simple. Explorers will find large wooden poles that indicates the location of one of the 18 animals within the maze. Each team will be given a card that gives the description of an animal. The players must associate 9 descriptions to an animal they encounter throughout the maze. First team to identify if they are predator or prey wins!

Available all year!