Fun Fact! 

There are no other species in Quebec and Ontario that are a uniform bright green. After the Smooth Green Snake dies, it can turn a shade of blue and can be misidentified. If they are threatened or touched, they can secrete a foul smell substance.  

Special Traits  

The Smooth Green Snake is the easiest snake to identify but hardest to spot: its pale green colour allows it to be well camouflaged in its natural habitat of fields, wastelands, edges of woods, lawns, and gardens near homes. They can be up to half a meter long, half the size of the Milk Snake.    

Life in the Marsh  

The marsh is the perfect habitat for the Smooth Green Snake because of the tall grass, logs, and rocks that allow it to hide and camouflage. They can be seen in the maze, but you will need a good eye to spot them slithering around.   

Protection and Threats  

In more populated areas road traffic poses a threat to the snakes, as well as habitat loss. One of the main predators of the snake found in our marsh is the Great Blue Heron. The Smooth Green Snake is also threatened by people taking them as pets because of their striking looks, but they do not survive well in captivity.