What is PaRQ?

The Quebec’s Regional Parks Association (PaRQ) is a non-profit organization that brings together regional parks spread across the entire territory of Quebec.

PaRQ is a strong, dynamic and recognized network of nature parks in recreational tourism , which develops the quality and the diversity of experience of visitors and which promotes a distinctive brand image adhering to the principles of sustainable development .

Their mission is to bring together, represent and promote the regional parks of Quebec as places for outdoor activities and accessible recreational tourism, in order to promote healthy habits through diversified quality experiences, in a safe environment.

PaRQ accreditation

Regional parks are already contributing to the current social changes towards healthy and active lifestyles, since in Quebec’s regional parks, we are on the move! The managers of the sector have expressed their desire to organize themselves to further structure the outdoor offer by mobilizing leaders, defining best practices, accessibility and quality of the experience, ensuring concerted promotion valuing the outdoors in these remarkable regional territories.

By obtaining this accreditation, Éco-Odyssée Nature Park demonstrates its professionalism, the quality of its regional park as well as the quality of the outdoor experience and the activities offered in its park. It also demonstrates the quality of risk management in its territory.

Éco-Odyssée Nature Park is proud to promote, thanks to rigorous operating standards, the health and well-being benefits of the local, regional and provincial Quebec population, through its offer of outdoor activities and by the accessibility of its territory.


When the Éco-Odyssée Nature Park opened in 2007, the founder Michel Leclair had an idea in mind : it’s when you get to know something that you understand the importance of protecting it. When applied to nature, this statement makes perfect sense. This is why the Éco-Odyssée Nature Park wants to offer original and fun activities that include an element of education and interpretation of nature. At a time when climate change threatens our environment, Éco-Odyssée is proud to allow the development of a healthier relationship between humans and the environment.

Here are some examples of actions in connection with sustainable development put forward by our business :

A earth
A group
A tree
  • Our company encourages its visitors to adopt eco-responsible gestures in the practice of their outdoor activities.
  • Our company highlights the human potential of the region, by working primarily with local inhabitants, but also the natural potential by allowing people to contemplate the landscapes, fauna and flora in activities respectful of the environment
  • Our company respects the flora and fauna by staying on the trails when hiking and on nautical adventures
  • Our company encourages the local economy by promoting the tourism activities of the Wakefield region to visitors and in offering local craft products in our shop.
  • Our company helps create jobs, promotes local benefits and reduces pollution by mostly employing local human ressources.
  • Our company encourages carpooling, both for its employees and for its visitors .
  • Our company helps to conserve heritage by educating visitors about the local flora and fauna and the importance of protecting it, among other things.

We encourage you to adopt eco-responsible gestures during your visit to the Éco-Odyssée Nature Park as well as when practicing any outdoor activity.

To learn about the Leave No Trace seven principles :

To consult Quebec’s Ecotourist Code of Conduct : 

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