What is sustainable development?

Sustainable development is defined as development that must meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs. It presupposes economically efficient, socially equitable and ecologically sustainable development. (Source: World Commission on Environment and Development, Brudtland Report 1987)

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Sustainable development policy (french only) PDF

SADC supports for sustainable development

The SADC supports the Éco-Odyssée Nature Park in order to propose the implementation of concrete actions aimed at raising awareness and updating the principles of sustainable development. Thus, the SADC bases its areas of intervention on the harmonious and sustainable development of the latter, through its offer of services (financial and support), tinged with the concern to see the integration of the principles of sustainable development and practices evolve. responsible by communities and the economy. (Source: SADC, 2022)

Les Pages vertes certificate for sustainable development

The mission of the Les Pages Vertes is to bring together eco-responsible companies in the same directory, facilitate sustainable consumption and equip the population for an ecological transition. (Source: Pages Vertes, 2022). Several levels of eco-responsible certification exist with the Les Pages Vertes. Indeed, the Éco-Odyssée Nature Park received the level 2 eco-responsible certificate with a rating of 70%.



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Grants received for:

  • Site illumination
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  • New adventures
  • New boats (kayaks)

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Grants received for: the digital development agreement for tourism businesses (EDNET)

  • Improved technology on the site


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