FAQ Winter Activities

Can I bring a hockey stick?

Hockey sticks are prohibited at all times on the ice trails.

Should we bring our own ice skates?

Yes! Because, it will not be possible to rent ice skates at the park. 

Is the helmet mandatory for the skating adventure?

Wearing a helmet is not mandatory. However, it is highly recommended. 

What is your cancel or refund policy for the skating adventure?

Reservation policies
The skating in a maze adventure is priced by person. Prices are in Canadian dollars and taxes are not included. The activity takes place rain or shine. The adventure lasts approximately 3 or 2 hours. 

Cancellation policy

  • You can move your reservation free of charge, depending on availability.
  • You can get a refund for your reservation with a $5 fee IF your reservation is under $150. IF your reservation is over $150 you can get a refund with a 10$ fee


  • No modification, no reimbursement.
  • Past bookings cannot be refunded.


  • PENDING reservations cannot be refunded.
  • Reservations postpone more than once cannot be refunded.
How long does it take to do the skating adventure?

The skating adventure takes 3 hours at most, or 2 hours if it is the last time slot of the day. You may stop skating before the end of your allotted time.

Is it possible to purchase a season pass for the winter?

Good news! We have season passes for the winter season. To buy a season pass, go to our ticket office or click on the following link: https://checkout.roller.app/parcnatureecoodyssee/products/ticketing?l=en&_ga=2.6535026.1973698295.1654817239-707594151.1654817239#/sessions

Can I wear traction devices on my feet?

No traction device or any kind of spikes can be worn on the skating trails, inside buildings or on the wooden bridge. However, you can wear them anywhere else on the site and in the hiking trails.

My child is a beginner, do you have ay kind of support to help him skate?

We only have a few skating supports, which you can rent for 8$ for the duration of your activity. You can bring your own support if you have one.

Can we sharpen our skates at the Park?

Yes ! We offer a blade sharpening service at the cost of 8$ per pair.

I cannot or do not want to skate, is there any entrance fee?

Even if you do not take advantage of our skating facilities, an entrance fee of $12 per person is required to access the site. Up to 5 km of walking/snowshoeing trails are available depending on conditions.

General FAQ

Are you open all year long?

We are open almost all year long with our water maze turned into a skating rink for the winter. We are closed in November and April. In December 2021 we opened for our first winter season, you now have the chance to skate in the maze, for more information click here. 

Is it possible to camp at Éco-Odyssée?

Unfortunately, we do not offer camping services. However, accommodation services are available at https://lebellevue.ca/. 

How long does it take to get there from Ottawa?

We are 30 minutes away from downtown Ottawa. We are located in the municipality of La Pêche, Wakefield sector (Quebec). For more information, click here.

Are domestic animals allowed?

No. Domestic animals are not allowed on site to protect the wildlife and the environment.

Do I have to sign a waiver?

Yes, you must sign the disclaimer before arriving on the site. This is attached to your booking confirmation email. You can also find it here.

Is there a “snack shack” or a little convenience store on site?

Yes, starting June 19th, we offer various food and drink option, as well as a small shop for souvenirs and necessities. 

Is it possible to picnic on site?

Yes, we have designated picnic areas, including some in the shade, and a common area for larger parties.

Can we drink alcoholic beverages on site?

Drugs and alcohol are not permitted on our watercrafts. No excessive behaviour will be tolerated.

How can I cancel a reservation?

To cancel a reservation, there are 4 options:

You can call or text us at 819-459-2551, email us at info@eco-odyssee.ca or you can contact us on our social networks. 

What kind of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, debit or credit (VISA and MASTERCARD). We only accept VISA and MASTERCARD on our website.

Do you sell gift certificates?

Yes we do sell gift cards that you can purchase on our online ticket office. To learn more about the gift certificate purchase procedure, click here

Are your facilities wheelchair accessible?

Unfortunately, because our adventures are not wheelchair accessible, none of our facilities are.

FAQ Summer Activities

What happens if there is a thunderstorm while we are using the water maze?

In our experience, a thunderstorm never lasts long. If it doesn’t look like it’s going to clear up and we are forced to close the park, we will give out a raincheck. THERE ARE NO CASH REFUNDS

I reserved for the water maze and the morning of the activity, it’s raining outside. Should I still go?

Our activities are offered no matter the weather, with the exception of heavy rain, strong winds or thunderstorms. In the rare case that the site closes, you will be offered the choice to move your reservation to a different date or be given a refund. You should always contact us to make sure your activities have not been cancelled.

Can I bring my own watercraft (kayak, canoe, paddleboard)?

Unfortunately, we do not allow outside watercrafts to avoid the cross-contamination of ecosystems. We pride ourselves in respecting the nature around us and avoiding possible dangers for the ecosystem. 

Are life jackets included in my reservation?

Yes, life jackets are included in your reservation. We have life jacktes for all sizes. We allow you to bring your own life jacket if you perfer.

What should we bring on the day of our visit?

We will lend you life jackets and all the necessary material for your adventure. We strongly suggest that you bring your personal effects like water, snacks, sunscreen, etc. For nightime adventures, a flashlight is manditory.

Are there a lot of bugs? Should I bring bug repellent?

You will be surprised to learn that there are no (or very little) bugs on site. In fact, it is the main food of the dragonflies, frogs, birds and bats.

Are we protected from the sun or the rain on board the paddle boats?

Yes, most of our pedal boats are equipped with small roofs, which cover the people who pedal only. Children seated in the front are not protected from the sun or rain. Note that our roofs provide cover from the rain, but are not waterproof.

Can we bring a bag or a lunch on the paddle boat?

Yes, it is possible to have a snack on the paddle boat as long as you pick up your trash. We also have picnic areas for our visitors. 

How many people can we be in the same pedal boat?

You can be four people in the pedal boat (2 adults and 2 children under 4 feet). A third child under 3 years old can also be added.

What is the minimal age to do the adventures?

Infants as young as 6 months can be put in a seat or be carried by an adult.

What is your cancel or refund policy for the canoe, the pedal boat or the paddleboard adventure?


  • You can move your reservation free of charge, depending on availability.
  • You can get a refund for your reservation, with a $ 5 fee per boat.


  • No modification, no reimbursement.
  • Past bookings cannot be refunded.
  • A reservation that has been put on hold cannot be refunded.


  • Free modification or reimbursement with a $ 5 fee per boat within a minimum of 7 days before the reservation date.
  • Modification free of charge within a minimum of 48 hours before the time of your reservation.


  • The activity takes place rain or shine.
  • We will decide to close the morning of the activity according to the weather forecast. We will communicate with reservations about the closure at least 2 hours before the activity.
  • If the Eco-Odyssey Nature Park decides to cancel or postpone your adventure, it will be refunded or moved without charge.


  • PENDING reservations cannot be refunded.
  • Reservations postponed more than once cannot be refunded.