Fun Fact   

The Snowshoe Hare’s large heart makes it an outstanding runner and allows it to reach speeds of 45 km/h. Unlike the rabbit, the hare runs away from predators rather than hide underground. Their best technique against predators is to stay very still because their perfect camouflage fur allows them to hide in plain sight.  

Special Traits  

The Snowshoe Hare gets its name from their large furry feet, which are perfect for travelling in the winter, just like the snowshoes we use today.  They also have very transformative camouflage skills.  They adapt to winter by changing their brownish-grey coat to a bright white to hide in the snow from predators.    

Life in the Marsh  

The snowshoe hares can be found in the forests, the most safety environment to hide from predators. They also create paths within their territory which they use all year round to get to food and resting places. In the Park, you will see them often, they are easy to spot as they love to jump around!     

Protection and Threats  

The snowshoe hare has a lot of natural predators such as foxes, coyotes and owls. Even the babies can become prey to squirrels. The snowshoe hare is very important to the environment and for maintaining food chains in Canada. In the long term, it is threatened by habitat loss from human development.