Fun Fact  

The Painted Turtle can live up to 50 years, but it takes about 10 years for them to be ready to have hatchlings. The Painted Turtle is often confused with the Red-Eared Slider. The latter has red on the body as well as where the ears are. Unlike the Painted Turtle, this pet turtle is not found naturally in the environment. The Red-Eared Slider was mainly introduced by people disposing of this pet by flushing it down the toilet.   

Special Traits  

Painted Turtle’s body and shell are decorated with red and yellow lines as if they had been painted! Its shell is black or greenish. The painted turtle measures between 19 and 25 cm long.   

Life in the Marsh  

If you saw a turtle today, it is most likely the Painted Turtle. This turtle, which is very common in Quebec, loves to be exposed to the sun and can be seen laying on floating logs in the marsh.    

Protection and Threats  

The Painted Turtles are threatened by habitat loss which pushes them closer to roadways. So, keep your eyes out for turtle crossings signs! Their nests are also vulnerable to predators such as raccoons, foxes, and skunks.