Fun Fact  

Coyotes are amazing hunters; they can run up to 64 km per hour. They can get into some trouble when they are the ones being chased by wolves, black bears or eagles. They tend to stop and look back to check how far ahead they are from their predators.   

Special Traits  

The coyote is often confused with the wolf. However, several aspects differentiate them. The coyote usually lives alone or in small groups of 2 to 4, while the wolf lives in packs. The coyote is much smaller and has a lower tail than the wolf. Its ears and snout are also more pointed.  

Life in the Marsh  

Coyotes are comfortable living close to cities, as well as marshes, fields, and prairies. The coywolf, a cross between a wolf and a coyote, is often seen in the neighbourhood areas but is not aggressive if left alone. In the marsh, we have seen three of them attacking a deer in the fields near the labyrinth. 

Protection and Threats  

Coyotes are not often prey to larger predators but more to wildlife diseases. They are also endangered by living so close to human populations, as accidental and purposeful deaths are major issues. In 2022, there was an overpopulation of coyotes that are a threat to the White-tailed Deer population.