Fun Fact  

The Canada Goose has very strong family ties. The bird mates with the same partner for its entire life. Baby Canada Goose, called goslings, stay with their parents for a whole year. They return to the same breeding area where their parents nested, often using the same nest. They are very territorial and will attack quickly to defend their homes.   

Special Traits  

We easily recognize a group of Canada Geese during their migration, characterized by “V” formations in the sky. This formation allows them to save energy, because the following geese take advantage of the air current of the geese in front, having the effect of pulling them forward. The spectacle of flying geese is one of the main harbingers of Canada’s changing seasons.   

Life in the Marsh  

The Canada Goose’s diet is vegetarian: aquatic plants, roots, and grasses. The Éco-Odyssée marsh, therefore, offers all the food this bird needs, in addition to a perfect place to nest. Each fall, the marsh welcomes numerous families of goose, which come to nest and lay their eggs. They are noisy and protective tenants, but always well appreciated!  

Protection and Threats  

The Canadian geese population is thriving in Canada, with approximately a population of more than 8 million which is the same as the province of Quebec’s population. Control in overpopulated areas is done by allowing more hunting of these birds but overall, it is a success in terms of wildlife management.