Fun Fact!  

The American Crow is very intelligent and adaptable. They know how to use objects, like dropping rocks on mid-air intruders. They can even reproduce certain words and other animal sounds. A group of crows is called a ‘murder’ and when they attack together, it is called ‘mobbing’.  

Special Traits  

The American Crow is smaller and has a thinner, sharper beak than its cousin the Raven. When in flight, they can be distinguished by the shape of their tails: the Crow has a fan-shaped tail, while the Raven’s ends in a point.   

Life in the Marsh  

The American Crow spends its time in southern Quebec for breeding seasons in spring. In winter, these birds sleep together in large groups, up to one million birds. They mostly live in the woodlands, but because they eat almost anything and are very smart, they adapt very well to cities and parks. You will see many of them in the maze! 

Protection and Threats  

The crow is not particularly threatened and its risk of extinction is low.  On the other hand, the crow and the raven encounter several problems near electrical transformers. In 2020, on our first summer opening day, an unlucky crow caused a total blackout by landing on a transformer.