Joanne : 6 septembre 2022

The staff were attentive and caring. Lucky for me a staff was right there when I got out of the boat and my cell phone slid into the water. He was able to quickly retrieve the phone. The good news is it still works!! Thank you! 

Julie : 11 septembre 2022

Known of you since you opened. This was my first time. I will be coming back with the grandkids. Could spend most of a day there. In the water maze, have lunch and walk around.

Brijitte : 1er octobre 2022

The staff were very friendly, informative, helpful, knowledgeable, cheerful and caring….they did their utmost to ensure a great experience and for all to go smoothly…..We had a wonderful day/time. Thank you so much to everyone, Merci a tous!!

Johanna : 8 octobre 2022

Would not hesitate to recommend or to come back. We were so very impressed with our experience. We learned about you from the Jonny Harris show “Still Standing” on CBC. What a wonderful idea and we enjoyed the facilities very much.

Martine : January 22 2023

Skating on your ice maze was a unique and lovely experience. I look forward to coming back! Your friendly staff, clean facilities and easy logistics contributed to our enjoyment of the experience from start to finish! 

Sierra-Lee : 27 janvier 2023

Such a fun experience. Thanks so much. We’ll be back 🙂