Departure starting at 9:30am – Last departure 3:30pm
Adventure classification: Easy to intermediate / Competitive adventure
This adventure is for: Groups and large enterprises
Equipment provided: Adventure card, adventure guide, walkie-talkie.
Duration of adventure: 2 hours
Available adventures: 1 different adventure


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From: $255.00

*A minimum of 12 persons or 6 paddle boats is required

The intersections or avenues on which you will go through in the maze are indicated at the back of your card. At every intersection or avenue indicated on your card, you will find elements on the site that you must identify with the help of your adventure guide (installations, animal reproductions). Each team will decide which order is the fastest to find the elements. The map of the maze and the numbers of intersections are written on your adventure card. Be strategic!

You can be four people in the paddle boat (2 adults and 2 children under 4 feet). A third child under 3 years old can also be added.