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Choice of adventures

Several choices of adventures available to you according to your taste and your thirst for discovery. Each adventure we offer has a unique background and lets you discover about a quarter of the labyrinth.

Briefing Wanderer

During this adventure you will follow simple instructions, which will allow you to experience all the different facets of the maze.

Briefing Discover

While following simple directions in the maze, you will identify 4 to 6 clues to complete the adventure on the frogs island.

Briefing Observer

To answer a question, you will have to go through the maze by identifying each element intersections allowing you to direct you and you will have to identify 4 to 6 clues to complete the adventure on the frogs island.

Briefing Snooper

The Snooper is a competitive adventure. All teams have the same elements to identify . It is up to each team to choose the order place to find all the items as soon as possible. Points are given for each correctly identified elements and the time used for traveling. Be Strategic!

Our beaver family

In the meander of Eco-Odyssée

First episode of the series:” Polux beaver family discovers the maze.”

beaver grooming

beaver grooming

A love story

Épisode #3 of thé serie in the meander of Eco-Odyssée. The love story of Castor, Pollux there families

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