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The occasion for couples to be together while taking advantage of a calm escapade in the nature.




Many activities await you.

For the water maze, you can be the equivalent of 2 adults and 2 young children (under 4 feet and 3 inches, 1.3 m ) in the same paddle boat. If you have teenagers or a larger family we suggest you take a 2nd paddle boat or a canoe.

There is no minimum age for children, it is possible if they are babies and that you carry them with you or have them sitting in a baby seat. We have life jackets for children from 9Kg (20 lbs) and up.


Retired person

You are fit and want to learn the concepts of the flora and fauna while having fun, we have an activity for you.

You want to take your grandchildren out, we have different adventures either in the water maze or in our walking trails.

You are a member of a group of retirees, form teams and if you have a competitive spirit, we have a Snooper adventure in the water maze.

10% discount for members of the FADOQ.



Minimum 400$ plus taxes when we have to open for a group, before or after public opening.

For school groups, day camp and childcare please refer to the School Groups section

For workgroups see the Enterprise tab

For Tour Operators see the Tour Operator tab

Whether you are a group of friends, a family reunion, part of an association or any group, we have adventures for you. To take advantage of special rates you must be over 6 paddle boats.

You have the competitive spirit, choose the Snooper adventure where you must find the most possible clues in less time.

If you want to make your own BBQ, we can rent one for $ 25 (propane and cooking utensils included).

Contact us for more information.


School groups


The activities are for students of the third cycle of primary school, high school as well as students attending Cegep and University.


By participating in our adventures, the student groups will have fun while using the following skills : cooperation, communication, use of information, problem solving, they will use their creative thinking and update their full potential.

The Eco-Odyssée site is also perfect for biology and science of nature classes. The biodiversity of the marsh allows the study of various aquatic and terrestrial habitats, as well as the study of the fauna and flora.

At Eco-Odyssée, there is a big range of activities available : an adventure in the water maze, a walking path, volleyball, soccer, camping, tipi, campfire area… A yurt and a covered and opened picnic area are also at your disposal.

We accept payment by invoice.

We have everything you need! Contact us for more information…

School groups, day camps or daycare
Elementary school groups :

For the water maze, this activity is for the 5th and 6th grade. They are 4/paddle boat, 2  paddle boats follow each other and there is one adult for every 7 children (2 paddle boats).

For walking adventures, this activity is for students of 4th, 5th and 6th grade.

Day camps and daycare :

NOTE that for security reason our activities are for children over 7 years of age  because of children/adult ratio. For the water maze you must match small and big kids in one paddle boat in order to be 4/paddle boat, 2 paddle boats follow each other and there is one adult for every 7 children (2 paddle boats). For walking  adventures, you must match small and big kids for a better understanding of the adventure.

High school groups :

Possibility of adapting biology or science of nature classes into a fun activity. For the water maze, 3 students / paddle boat and a patrolman for 24 students. The patrol may be a group leader or we will provide one for $ 45. Patrol work is to ensure that all goes well, that the students do not move clues and that they take care of the equipment we provide. When students know they are monitored, there is less risk of harm.

College or university groups :

Possibility of adapting biology or science of nature classes into a fun activity.

For the water maze, 2 students / paddle boat.

A typical day at Eco-Odyssée :

Upon arrival, children will leave their backpacks in the covered picnic area. You must pair up your group in advance, ratio of 1 adult for every 7 children (2 paddle boats).Instructions and material are given for the water maze (adventure guide and map, pencil and walkie-talkie). The equipment must be returned in good condition. The group then heads to the dock to receive life jackets and instructions to steer the boat (more difficult than on a lake).After the adventure is dinner (we do not have a snack bar, only selling cold drinks and frozen treats).After lunch, they have the opportunity to go for a short walk in the woods (2 adventures), the walking maze or play volleyball or soccer. Do not forget to bring a lot of water because there is no drinking water on the site.

Canadian or international market

Tour operator

Come discover the fauna and the flora of Canada in unexplored areas, which are a marsh habited by beavers. An adventure in a paddle boat or a canoe ride will show you a different look, from the point of view of the beaver, a unique diversified nature habitat.

Whether it’s for school groups, adults, families, we have activities for you.

On the site, a variety of activities are available, including : adventures in the water maze or on foot, walking trail, volleyball, soccer, camping, tipi, campfire area.

A yurt and a picnic area with a covered section is available.

We can offer you activities lasting 2h30 or a full day. But, allow three hours for the water maze if the group has more than 40 students.

For school groups, please note that the water maze is only accessible from 5th grade. Click on School Groups for more information.



You are looking for a different activity for your workgroup, companies will find what they need for teambuilding activity:

Yurt that can hold 20 people with a board / screen and Wifi. Picnic area with tables and BBQ (60 people).

Activities on the site: adventures in the water maze, canoeing, hiking trails, volleyball court, soccer field, campfire area…

If you would like to make your own BBQ, we can rent you one for $25 (propane and cooking utensils included).


Please contact us for more information.


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