Rules and Policies

Reservation // (Make a reservation)

Reservations are recommended for a paddle boat in order to assure that one is held for your departure. The departures are limited to 24 paddle boats. On reservation, it is important to provide the number of attendants in your party and the number of pedal boats required. Each paddle boat can accommodate two adults, one adult and one child, or a group of two adults and two yong children.

Pricing Policy

Rates are based on the cost of paddle boat rentals. One paddle boat rental is equivalent to one adventure choice. Each adventure is approximately 2 hours, including an estimated 1 to 1.5 hours in the paddle boat. Each paddle boat can accommodate two adults, one adult and one child, or a group of two adults and two young children. The canoe can accommodate 2 adultes.

Water maze adventures : 49.50$ / paddle boat (taxes included)
Walking adventures : 7.00$/ one person, 10.00$/ two, 15.00$/ family  (taxes included)
Canoe available : 30.00$ (taxes included)

Please note that :

  • Rates included taxes.
  • All prices are in Canadian dollars.

Site Rules

  1. Life vests must be worn aboard all boats.
  2. Is it prohibited to displace, vandalize or steal the installations and/or animals located in the maze.
  3. It is prohibited to pull at the plants, trees and shrubs surrounding the maze.
  4. Boats must only be parked at designated docking stations.
  5. It is prohibited to throw out any products or to urinate in the canals of the maze.
  6. It is prohibited to capture the animals, mistreat them, or intentionally disturb their way of life.
  7. Do not submerge the compass, adventure guide, or the adventure card in the water.
  8. Do not write in the adventure guide.
  9. Swimming is prohibited in the maze.
  10. All alcoholic beverages or other illegal substances are prohibited aboard paddle boat.
  11. Visitors who are intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol will not be permitted to enter the site.
  12. Domestic animals are prohibited at the Eco-Odyssée site.


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