Located on an enchanting site, Eco-Odyssée is a water maze that comprises an estimated 60 intersections spread out over more than 6km. Choose the adventure that suits you and enjoy the splendor of the marsh environment from your paddle boat. Learn to identify the numerous animal and plant species that live in the marsh, concealed within the forest's greenery. You will be charmed by this journey of discovery.

During your excursion, you will encounter replica animals and other installations that will help to direct you through the maze while allowing you to learn about the marsh environment and ecosystem. We would like to share with you the biodiversity of an environment that is typically inaccessible and little known to man. Discover an environment that is out of the ordinary, at the heart of the Outaouais, just 30 minutes from Gatineau-Ottawa. A unique and enjoyable tourist activity for all. Don't miss making Eco-Odyssée a part of your vacation plans !

Visit our website for more information on the adventures offered and to discover the marsh environment through our Eco-Odyssée photos.

Enjoy !





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